Ahuja amplifier

Ahuja amplifier is rugged, reliable, cost-effective 1000 watts Two Zone Amplifier. BTZ-10000 is ideal for multi-speaker installations where a user needs to separately set power levels for two separate areas such as indoors & outdoors. Stereo Music input for DJ programmes.Facilitates connection and operation of two groups of speakers simultaneously on ‘Mono’ mode. Ideal for Places of Worship.

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Audio/Video systems

Ambooken Electronics has been the trusted audio/video source for discerning clients since we opened our doors.Professional Audio and Video Systems, a leading supplier of professional audio and video products. WE have multi-zone audio system, speaker selector.our clients have trusted Ambooken Electronics to deliver a quality Home Theater / Audio / Video experience, in their homes and businesses

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electronic components

You will work with a number of basic electronic components when building electronic circuits, including resistors, capacitors, diodes, transistors, and integrated Circuites.We are Authorized electronic components distributor. Large in-stock quantities. New parts added daily.With our broad network of Electronic Component suppliers, we offer an additional service to support extensive source and International procurement for our Clients.

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Testing & Repairing

We also repair, test and calibrate existing analytical and electronic instrumentation, including ancillary systems used in the instrumentation, such as vacuum, mechanical and rotational systems, and thermal heating systems. These systems can consist of any of the above ancillary system utilizing analog, digital, RF, and microprocessor-controlled electronic circuit boards, surface mount technologies.

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